Class of 2016


Raymond Blackwell

Research: Design Principles of Solar Cells with Transition Metal Dichaleogenides and Black Phosphorous

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Warren

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Amma Boakye

Research: Health Disparities Among Minority Populations; The Effects of Geographic Location on Limiting Health Quality & Care

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Giselle Corbie-Smith

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Brandon Boone

Research: The role of Set2 and Histone Modifications in Relation to Unstable Transcription

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Strahl

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Alina Clarke

Research: International Health Systems Strengthening With a Focus on Health Workforce Gaps That Serve the Maternal and Child Health Population

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Cilenti

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Alysa Delgado

Research: The Health Status of the Eno River with Regard to Temperature, PH, Dissolved O2 and Turbidity in Comparison to Location

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaron Moody

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Laura Gamo

Research: The Effects of Freedom of the Press on Latin America

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Adam Saffer

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Anastazja Harris

Research: The Impact of Impression Management on How College Students Utilize Social Media

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katie Striley

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Crystal Johnson

Research: The Relationship Between Power Dynamics Between the City of Jacksonville and The Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katherine Turk

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Merrick Osborne

Research: The Effects of Optimism and Group Affect on Academic Achievement within Minority Student Populations

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Noah Eisenkraft

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Ajené Robinson-Burris

Research: Ethics in Philosophy

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Swartzer

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Frank Silva

Research: Sports Performance Analysis With Emphasis in Soccer and Basketball

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wendell Gilland

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Viktoriya Zhuravleva

Research: Interactions Between Neurotrophin Receptors and the HIV Co-Receptor CXCR4 in Macrophages

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Hogan

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